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Sunday, March 24 2019

11:00am at Fort Meigs in Perrysburg, OH

Please Note:  As of today, Sunday, March 10th the Equinox course has NOT been marked.  It is quite possible the route will be slightly different in some areas than what is listed here.  However, I won't know for certain until I drive the course and mark it.  Check this page the week prior to Equinox for the latest details.  

Although the recent weather conditions would certainly indicate otherwise, spring arrives this week.  With that seasonal change comes the Club's annual Equinox Reliability Trial.  This is an event that dates back further than any records I currently have.  My first participation was in 1978. Unfortunately, I long ago surrendered to the landfill any memorabilia I had from that early event.  In past decades Equinox was a timed event, and the finishing time of each rider was recorded and then listed in the Dirty Derailleur Newsletter.  The oldest Equinox results I have are from 1989, and at that time the Club actually generated some revenue from the event.  

Click here to see the first page of those Equinox results (it's worth admiring the handwritten treasurer's report that was added to the newsletter!).  Click here to see the second page listing the results of each participant.

This year's course should be identical to last year's route, unless there are some road conditions that change between now and the event.

Additionally, this year's event will see two deviations from typical past events.  

The first alteration is an optional short course Equinox.  Given the harshness of the winter most folks are well shy of the miles they would have typically ridden by this time of the year.  To ease the extent of the suffering that is inherent to Equinox, riders can opt to make a turnaround loop at Milton Rd. and then return to Fort Meigs.  This will provide a distance of less than 40 miles, but more than 35.  The long course will continue on to McClure in the traditional manner.

The second alteration is the return route of both courses will not be entirely along the same route as that ridden on the trip out.  All riders will turn north off Long Judson Rd. onto Range Line Rd. The routes will then turn east on Tuller Rd. and proceed on Tuller Rd. to the intersection of Kellog Rd.  Both routes will then cross Kellog Rd. and continue north on Tontogany Creek Rd.  The courses proceed on Tontogany Creek Rd. to State Route 582 and then turn east.  SR 582 is ridden a short distance to Tontogany Rd. and then turns north.  Upon turning north onto Tontogany Rd. the courses will return along the same path as was ridden on the out route.

Click to view a Google Map of the routes.

Thanks to the techno wizardry of the colorful Mike Peiffer this year's Equinox courses are available for upload to GPS cycling computers.  The files can be found at ridewithgps.com.  

The short course file can be found here, and the long course file can be found here.

My window of opportunity to mark the course was rather limited.  The driest day I had to paint the course was still not as dry as I would have liked.  The  course markings are not all in ideal locations, as I had to paint the arrows on the driest portions of the road, and even then many of those spots were damp.  Consequently, pay a little more attention to the road than you normally might.

Although this may seem simple and intuitive, I'll elaborate nonetheless, as not everyone is blessed (or perhaps cursed) with the same cognitive function. All intersections with a stop sign have markings.  Intersections without stop signs do not have markings unless the course turns at that intersection.  Thus, if an intersection has no arrows, then continue straight ahead, i.e. in the direction you have been heading.  

A point of reference to those who have gotten lost on this course.  SR 25 is beyond the eastern boundary of the course.  Likewise, Route 6 is beyond the southern boundary of the course.  In the event you intersect with either of these routes, you are off the course!   SR 65 (at least the portion that traverses north and south) is the western boundary of the course.  If you cross this segment SR 65, you are off course.  Lastly, the Maumee River is beyond the northern boundary of the course.  If you meet the river, you are off course.

There may or may not be limited SAG service for the event.  I will be at work that day, so SAG service will only be available if someone else chooses to provide it.

An important side note--maps of the course will NOT be available.  The course can be viewed from a smart phone using the link above.

Examples of the course markings are shown below.  Click on an image to enlarge.

A typical marking for this year's Equinox.  This
arrow indicates continue straight ahead.

The above markings are ONLY located at the intersection of Long Judson Rd. and Milton Rd.  This is the where the Short Course departs from the Long Course. The SC indicates a left hand turn (south) onto Milton Rd.  The LC indicates continue straight ahead (west) on Long Judson Rd.
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