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Race series scoring

A, B, and C races are scored separately.  Series points are awarded as follows:

Standard Race Championship Race
Group Place Points Group Place Points
1st 20 1st 26
2nd 18 2nd 24
3rd 16 3rd 22
4th 14 4th 20
5th 12 5th 18
6th 10 6th 16
7th 9 7th 14
8th 8 8th 12
9th 7 9th 10
10th 6 10th 9
11th 5 11th 8
12th 4 12th 7
13th 3 13th 6
14th 2 14th 5
15th+ 1 15th 4
DNF 1 16th 3
17th 2
18th+ 1

Overall series points are calculated by totaling the 12 best scores throughout the season AND adding in race worker points.  Each member is ask to work 3 races, and will earn 20 points for each.  The maximum number of worker points that can be earned is 60.   NOTE:  To be eligible for ANY of these highly sought after and hard-earned awards you must be a member in good standing with the club AND have earned at least 1 worker credit for the 2022 season.

Sprint Points:  For Criteriums, Road Races and Omnium, the race director can include one or more intermediate sprints for the sprint competition.  These are marked by ringing the bell at the beginning of the lap for which they will be awarded.  1st place: 3pts, 2nd place: 2 pts, 3rd place: 1pt.  Sprint points are not added into the overall series competition.  Instead, it is tracked as a separate competition throughout the year.  The rider with the most sprint points at the end of the year is the Club Sprint Champion.

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