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The Breakfast Ride

The Breakfast Ride has become a northwest Ohio tradition spanning more than twenty years.  On every Saturday and Sunday morning, plus most holidays, an informal ride forms at Ft. Meigs in Perrysburg, Ohio. The ride consists of 2 groups (A and B) with two different paces. Year round the group rides out 16 miles to Grand Rapids, Ohio for breakfast at one of the restaurants in Grand Rapids. The "A" ride is usually a fast-paced, race-like effort, while the “B” ride pace may offer opportunities for conversation.  After breakfast some riders simply turn around and return to Fort Meigs. Others head out for additional mileage at a more reasonable pace. Favorite longer-distance routes through the open, flat farmlands of northwest Ohio can be anywhere from 50 to 100 miles.  Many of the routes can be found on mapmyride.

If you are not accustomed to racing and are coming to this ride for the first time, you should plan to ride with the "B" group.  

Ride Times:

--The "B" group starts on the hour

--The "A" group starts 5 minutes after the hour 

The time change is new for the 2015 season. The idea behind the time change is as follows.

1.  The past two years have seen smaller turnouts for the Breakfast Ride, particularly the "A" group ride. 

2.  Meeting at Fort Meigs on the hour will allow "A" group riders to assess rider turnout.  

3.  If sufficient riders are present for the "A" ride, then they will start at five minutes past the hour.  

4.  If only a couple "A" riders are present, then they can opt to ride with the "B" group, and thus have company for the ride.  Those "A" riders are then expected to respect the pace guidelines for the "B" group ride.

5.  The closer start times will also facilitate matters at the restaurant by allowing the rides following breakfast to depart in a more timely manner.  It will prevent some folks from having to wait while others are still eating, while preventing others from rushing to eat in order to depart with the group with whom they wish to ride.

6.  If you arrive at The Fort after the hour, you may be riding alone.  Plan to be there on the hour.


Riding Speed/Pace for each group:

The pace of any ride can vary greatly depending on the weather conditions.  Of course, in northwest Ohio the wind is always present, and it always affects the pace and intensity of a ride.

A Group pace ranges from 20-30+mph with an average of 25mph

B Group pace ranges from 16-25mph with an average of 21mph

Novice riders are likely to get some advice with group riding and paceline dynamics.  This part of the country can be very windy for most of the year, so learning to ride in the wind is crucial.  New riders can expect to receive admonishment as they are developing the nuances of this skill.  

The Breakfast Ride happens year around, often regardless of the weather. Significant rain at the start will keep all but the most stalwart riders at home, as will icy roads in the winter or temperatures less than 15 degrees F.  The past few years, however, have seen the fall and winter rides shift from being ridden on the road to being ridden on the old Miami and Erie Canal towpath between Waterville and Grand Rapids.  If you are visiting from out of town, and you are hoping to make a fall or off-season weekend ride, then contact one of the Club’s Board of Directors to verify if the Breakfast Rides are being ridden on the road or on the towpath.

The off-season towpath rides begin at 9:00am in Waterville at Roch de Bouf.  Ample parking can be found at the Metro Park parking lot located at South River Road and Old Route 24.  Click for a map of the area.  The towpath is a flat, wide path mostly covered with firmly packed gavel.  A cyclocross or mountain bike is highly recommended, but a few riders have been known to ride the trail, under dry conditions, on road bikes with wider tires. The photo below provides a view of the Maumee River from the towpath trail head.  Please read the Club's Towpath Riding Guidelines

Meeting time for both rides is at 8:00 a.m. in spring and summer

Start time for both rides is 9:00 a.m. during fall and winter.

Currently, rides start at 8:00am Saturday and Sunday

See the Calendar to verify Breakfast Ride times

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