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All of the 2015 season criteriums will be held at this facility, which has two separate areas that can be used as venues.  The season's races will be divided between these two courses.   Parking for both courses is located at:

Owens Community College 
Center for Emergency Preparedness
30150 Tracy Rd.
Wallbridge, OH 4345

A Google Map of the area can be found below.

This area of Owens Community College is split by Tracy Road, and one course is located on the east side of Tracy Road while the other course is located on the west side of the road.  The east side is referred to as the Center for Emergency Preparedness (CEP) and it is the longer, tighter course with ten turns.  The west side is called the Driving Pad (DP), and it is the shorter, faster, wide turn venue.  Both courses are closed to traffic.

  As usual, the race will begin at 6:30pm.  Since this is a new location, please plan to arrive early and exercise patience, as it may take a little longer to get the race organized.  A map of the venue's location can be found below.  If you have any questions, please call Allen Kraus or Scott.  

Since this is a closed venue we are able to run the entire race with only the race director.  

Please note, the Club must pay to use this location, and as such the cost for this race will be $8.  This includes the usual $3.60 insurance fee.  

A satellite image of the course is found below.
The course is flat and open, and the asphalt is in excellent condition.  The turns are wide and fast, which will make for full-on racing.  There will be no traffic to worry about, as we are the only users of the venue during our races.  This venue should prove to be as safe and almost as exciting as the Championship Omnium course at the Toledo Speedway.

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