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MVW Club Racing Centerline Rule

It has been brought to the Board of Directors’ attention that MVW members are not following instructions to stay right of center, especially in areas where a specific pre-race notification has been made not to cross left of center.  Consequently, and effective immediately,  a zero-tolerance policy for crossing left of center has been implemented.  This policy will be enforce whenever a sold yellow line is present in the riders’ direction of travel.   Riders crossing the solid yellow line will be disqualified.
Riders forced left of center are to take immediate action to return to the right; obviously this may require slowing down and dropping back.  If riders are riding close to the center line, then diligent effort should be made to prevent the overlap of wheels with the rider in front so as to avoid being forced left of center.
At other times when the yellow line is not present effort should be made to stay right of center.   Riders must be sure that there is no traffic coming from either direction.  Riders placing themselves or others in potentially compromising situations may be disqualified.
A minor infringement may result in a warning.  More than one warning will result in disqualification.  Major infringements will result in disqualification.  These calls will be made by a Club officer, the Weekly Race Director or by verification of infringement by multiple witnesses, and the call will be final.
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