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Wheelmen of 1982

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Editor's note:  If anyone can supply the identities of those missed below, please contact Scott

Hi. I don't know if anyone is really interested in who's who in the 1982 photo of the MVW membership, but here's the names of those I recall.

Back row, right to left: Couple on the right is Christian and his wife (he's in green jersey). I can't remember her first name or their last name, but I remember they moved to Toledo from California and he had a beautiful Medici and later started importing Roberts frames from England. They had a baby while in Toledo and I remember Kevin Hayes had an interesting experience baby sitting for them once.

Guy with half head showing - I don't know who that is.

Guy with black hairnet is Dave Teall.

Guy with British flag tee shirt is Roger Shambaugh. Roger was one of my best MVW buddies and is an excellent runner and triathlete. He took second place one year in the Sylvania Triathlon. He currently works at Two Wheel Tango in Ann Arbor.

Guy with white cap and red jersey: Clif Mueller, aka "God". He earned this nickname after a Kevin Hayes story in the MVW newsletter. Best bike racer most of us will ever know.

Guy with glasses, blue shirt and red collar: Kevin Hayes, aka "One Hit". Toured all over the USA on his black Assenmacher. Last I heard he was an English professor at Oklahoma. He wrote entertaining stories for our newsletter.

Next three guys I don't recall.

Guy in grey hoodie, white cap and glasses: Jeff Klinckship (?spelling?) - ran most of the MVW races, for better or worse.

Next guy, partly hidden, I don't remember.

Next guy with white cap is Neal Carter.

Next two guys I don't recall.

Editor's note:  The guy standing (behind and to the left of Jeff Youngs), and wearing the red shirt with the single white stripe with white collar and sleeve trim,is Joe Missler.  He owns Excel Bike Shop is Norwalk, Ohio.  He purchased it from his dad when it was called Arnie's Bike Shop.  Thanks to Jeff Youngs for identifying this member.

Guy with MVW jersey and checked cycling cap is Scott Gerken. He sometimes rode from Wauseon to the club race, did the race and then rode back to Wauseon. He used to spend some time in Belgium and raced there. He also built some bicycle frames, although he usually rode an orange Guerciotti.

Guy on bike in red jersey, I don't recall.

Middle row, right to left: MVW jersey with hands folded over his crotch: I dunno him.

MVW jersey, blue jeans: Jim Hart, former owner of Hart's Cyclery and winner of the Cat 4 Glass City race in '80 or '81.

Visor, sunglasses, beard in MVW jersey: Rick Gunther. Rick set a world record for distance covered in 24 hours on rollers. He did BAM and some other ultra cycling stuff.

Next two guys I don't recall.

Guy in yellow tee shirt and black running shorts is me. (Mark Hsu)

Guy in green jersey and yellow sleeves is Harry Fraszewski, an all round nice guy and he worked as a bike mechanic at several Toledo area shops.

Guy in all red jersey I don't recall.

Editor's note:  The junior rider above "Sporting the Nashbar Red Jersey and Black shorts....That is Jeff Youngs he was from Norwalk and 16 years old in this photo. Thanks to Jeff Youngs for providing the info.

Guy on Red Fattic bike with white helmet is Marty Shelly. Great time trial rider. I heard some interesting things about his experience at BAM and some unusual brownies.

Front row, right to left: Kneeling, eyes shut is Tim Oliver. Tim always trained hard and could drop anyone on a training ride. This was prior to the concept of recovery rides. I think if would have trained LESS he probably would have been a great racer. Tim was injured real bad when he was he by a car. He had a lot of beautiful bikes and one was a Teledyne Titan, an early titanium bike. A good guy. (He is NOT the guy with the bushy red hair in the other vintage picture from the Toledo race. The guy with the bushy red hair in the other picture is Tim Hinckley, NOT Tim Oliver Jeff A. got his Tims mixed up).

Guy with red hair - I don't recall his name, but he won the Ohio junior road race one year when the first group made a wrong turn and went off course. He stayed on the correct route and the once leaders couldn't catch him after their lengthy detour.

Next guy I don't recall except that he was a junior rider.

Editor's note:  The junior rider above is Mike Schwab, and he was from Sandusky.

Next guy with cap and beard is Dave Pickering, who had a bike shop in Bowling Green. A good rider who was frustrated by his consistent losses to Clif in club races.

Next guy, with glasses is Mark Loudenslagel, club president for a few years and a lawyer. All around good guy and I think he was Ohio District representative to the USCF for a time.

Guy with black moustache is Terry Heffelfinger. Nice guy.

Next two guys I don't recall.

Editor's note:   The guy to Terry's immediate left is Dan Torok.  He was a student at BGSU and he eventually earned a Phd in Chemistry.  The guy to Dan's left (wearing the original Bell helmet) is Carl Ralston.  Carl was a reference librarian from Bowling Green.

Front row, lying down is Mike Osterman, junior rider with a good sprint.

Last but not least, the young man in the middle of the picture with cap and glasses is Joe Holmes. What ever became of him?

Mark Hsu

Editor's note:   Joe was the contributor of this photo.   Last I knew he was in Columbus and had taken up rock climbing.   Perhaps he is hiding in the thickets of OOIP.

And a note from Tim Hinckley:

I just came across the photo where my name is mentioned and the ironically I found my lycra skin suit that was made by a fellow team member while cleaning out the house.

I looked back at the names from when I was at the club and remembered how special two people were.

Here are their records that still stand today.

24 Hour Roller Records
Bruce Hall, Santee, CA
21 Jan 77 792.21 / 33.01
Bruce Hall & John Rubcic tandem
02 May 81 598.70 / 24.95
Richard Gunther, Toledo, OH
14 May 83 838.70 / 34.95
Richard Gunther & Kevin Hayes
31 Mar 84 tandem 655.63 / 27.32
Cheryl Marek, Seattle, WA
23 Feb 90 500.60 / 20.86
Richard Gunther, Toledo, OH
03 Mar 90 853.46 / 35.56

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