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New Year's Day 1999

Bright sun, a 20 mph breeze out of the North, 13 deg. F.; 13 stalwart Breakfast Club riders headed south to BG at 9:00 from Ft. Meigs. The 18 mile trip caused only a few frosty fingers and toes, and Karen McKee's breakfast more than made up for that. We cheated on the return trip - motor-pacing behind President Sherry Simon's van.

Heading south on Hull Prairie Rd.


                                                                              Matt Thourot

The afternoon potluck at the Barnes's lasted until late, what with good food and drink and talk and bowl games. Folks brought a dish to pass and fluids of choice. Among other news circulating among the crowd was the engagement of Joyce Payne and Jim Donaldson.


                                                                                  The Feast                        Dave Komives      Komives & Thourot

Joyce & Jim

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