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Club Payments Using A Credit Card

The Club prefers to receive payment via PayPal for MVW merchandise and functions, as it is the simplest manner for the Club to administrate transactions.  The address for PayPal payments is:  mvwPayments@woh.rr.com.

Since PayPal charges a fee for transactions,  the Club will only require members to pay the 3% fee on large ticket items such as Rolf Wheels and clothing.  For all other Club payments, such as memberships, race fees and banquet reservations, the Club will absorb the 3% fee as the cost of administration.  

Of course, we will certainly accept checks and cash from those members wishing to employ either of those time-honored methods. Checks can be made payable to MVW, and cash can be given to either Steve or Scott.

In summary, you can pay the Club via cash, check or PayPal.  In terms of administration PayPal is the easiest and simplest for the Club, but you may choose the method than is most convenient and most comfortable for you.
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