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To celebrate our partnership with Infinit, Wednesday, April 10th, all members will have access to an exclusive online VIP Sale! As a member, you have the chance to purchase INFINIT custom nutrition products and INFINIT branded gear at the biggest discount of the year.

To apply the 40% VIP Sale discount, simply log on to the Infinit website between 12:00 am - 11:59 pm on 04/10/19 and enter our club discount code MVW-RACE into the code box on your Shopping Cart page, prior to clicking checkout. Discount is valid for a max of 2 Custom bags, all gear and INFINIT accessories!

INFINIT Nutrition specializes in all-in-one nutrition solutions, giving you the ability to customize every component of your fuel:
● All-natural, simple ingredients to fuel your body the way nature intended. No artificial sweeteners, flavors, colorings or dyes.
● Choose one of our eight different all-natural flavor options and adjust the flavor strength to taste great for you all day long.
● Dial in the calories to match your body size and type of racing/training you are doing.
● Tweak the level of electrolytes based on your sweat rate and history of muscle cramping.
● Add protein, BCAAs, caffeine, beta alanine, creatine or CoQ10 to any of your custom blends!
● 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy we will re-formulate your Custom Blend free of charge!
● We also have a line of Customizable Preset formulas, which are designed for the general needs of athletes based on their training. These formulas are a great starting point for finding your ideal blend, just click the “Customize It” button to explore the options!

We encourage you to log on to check out our entire line of products, and plan your attack for your VIP sale. We are here to help! Infinit Head Formulation Specialist, Colin, is one of our most experienced Formulation Specialists. He is available as a great resource for you as you are dialing in your nutrition strategy. You can email him directly (colin@infinitnutrition.usor schedule your Quick Consult today! Plus, don’t forget as a sponsored club member, you will receive a 20% discount on all our products and gear all year round!

New to nutrition? Check out their Nutrition 101 document here that gives you a really good overview of all the elements that go into their products.

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