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Although it may not register in the recent memory of most, a general membership meeting was held back in October. One of the items on the agenda was to move the Club races from Thursday evenings to Tuesday evenings for the 2015 season. The rescheduling of weekday Club races was approved unanimously. The reasons for Tuesday racing are the topic of this note.

Race turnout for the 2014 season was consistently lower than it has been since before nearly all of those racing were racing. We held twenty-one races (not including Equinox) last season, and not one of those races had a field of thirty riders. Participation was in the high twenties for a number of the events, but that is still far shy of the forty riders we once had for the season’s opening races at Scotch Ridge, Otsego Park and OOIP.

There are a number of reasons for the diminished turnout, and although some of those reasons are beyond our control (such as the general aging of the membership and the loss of the OOIP venue), others are not. Those reasons that are within our purview are the ones we addressed.

First, a number of the Club’s stalwart racers are heavily involved in USAC sanctioned weekend races. When those events fall on a Saturday, a single day of recovery between the Club’s race and the weekend race is far less than ideal. The problem is compounded when those members are paying $40 to $50 to race on the weekend. The cash layout serves as an even greater incentive to insure one enters the Saturday race well-rested and in the best form possible. As a result, a number of active members were opting to sit out the Thursday races to insure their condition would be optimal for the Saturday races. Tuesday racing will eliminate this issue.

Second, our Thursday races conflict with the TAB Thursday group rides, and a number of Club members have been known to participate in those events. Not only will Tuesday racing prevent Club members from having to chose between a Perrysburg-centered group ride or a adjacent county race, but we can use the change to encourage some of TAB’s competition minded riders to try their legs at Club racing. Hopefully the Tuesday night racing will bring our own Club members back to our races, and we can add a few new TAB faces as well.

It would be nice for all involved if the Club races could field thirty riders. Not only would the slightly larger fields provide greater competition, but they might also encourage employing more tactics within the race. It remains to be seen whether the switch to Tuesdays has the desired effects, but we have decided to give it a try for the entire 2015 season.

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