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MVW Event Release Waiver

Every Club member who participates in any MVW-sponsored USAC-sanctioned event MUST sign a USAC Release of Liability Waiver. This is NOT only an MVW administrative requirement, it is mandated by the USAC.  It's utter bureaucratic bullshit, but nonetheless it MUST be done.   The release covers the entire MVW road season (but it does not include any CX races), including Equinox; thus, the waiver need be completed only once.  

The PDF may be downloaded by clicking this link:  Event-Release-2022.pdf

Prior to your first participation in a Club event this season, please:

--Print the partially completed form

--Complete and sign the form

--Bring it with you to your first Club event of the season

I have to keep these release forms on file for the entire season in the event an unfortunate mishap should occur.  

A word of note:  For those of you who never seem to remember your USAC license number.  Commit your license number to your long-term memory.  It does NOT change from season to season.  Each time you sign-in for a Club event, write your license number on the provided line.

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