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Course Marshal Flag Signals

Acting as a course marshal is not a passive task, nor is it accomplished from a seated position on the hood of a car.  The Maumee Valley Wheelmen require all Club Race Course Marshals to use flags to signal riders as they approach the intersection of a race course.  If the intersection is clear of traffic, then the flag is to be used to wave the riders through.  If the intersection is not clear of traffic, then the flag should be used to signal the riders to either slow or stop.  In addition to using the flag, verbal directions or cautions are to be used.

The photos below depict the flag signals Course Marshals are to use to signal riders of the following conditions:  All Clear, Slow, Stop
All Clear

All Clear
Proceed through the intersection

A vehicle is in sight.  Slow down!


STOP! regardless of the race situation.
A vehicle with the right-of-way is bearing down.
Marshall vigorously agitates flag.

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