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Maumee Valley Wheelmen
2012 Race Schedule

The schedule may also be viewed from the Calendar or Event tabs at the top of the page

Each racing member must work or direct three races.  

The following simple online registration system is now in place to sign-up to work or direct a Club race:

1.  Click on the Events tab in the black menu bar at the top of the page.  All the races can then be viewed on the page that opens. Each race is listed within its own separate event box. 

2.  Decide which race you wish to work and then press the Register button located on the left side of that particular event box.

3.  Select the role you wish to serve for that specific race, either Director or Worker. 

4.  The number of workers needed for each race is specified within each event description.  Those members who have already registered to work a particular race can be viewed by clicking the link next to Registered with the event box. 

*Distance of each race is at the discretion of the individual race director and can change at race time

**Does not include race director



Time                   Type/Laps                       Distance*    




1 25Mar 11:00am Equinox Road Race/Reliability Trial 80km Fort Meigs 3 Raffouls, Kraus
2 26Apr 6:30pm TT 1-Lap 14.5km Otsego Park 4 Hunter, J. Smith, Warner, Sobb
3 03May 6:30pm RR In The Rough 6-Laps 35km Ottawa Lake 4 Pio, Hunter, Chandler, Kraus. Goetz
4 10May 6:30pm RR 4-Laps 43.5km Woodville 6 Crawford, Kraus, Goetz, Wharton, Wilson, Schuster
5 17May 6:30pm RR 4-Laps 32km Scotch Ridge 4 Armstrong, Faehnle, Wisniewski, Tarsha, Main
6 24May 6:30pm TT 3-Laps 27km Ottawa Lake 4 J. Smith, Warner, Goetz, Sobb, Tierney,Effler


7 31May 6:30pm

Chris Burkhart Memorial RR 5-Laps

40km Long Judson 4 M. Faehnle, Pio, Kistler, Mouilleseaux, Main
8 07Jun 7:00pm RR hosted by Team Defiance ~40km Evans Port 0
9 14Jun 6:30pm CC TT 40km Mary Jane 4 Armstrong, Tierney, Whitney, Clark, D. Smith
10 21Jun 6:45pm RR Lost Nations 3-Laps 58km Pittsford, MI 4 N. Martin, Tarsha, Wharton, L. Raffoul
11 28Jun 6:30pm RR 5-Laps 40km Long Judson 4 N. Martin, Peiffer, Tracey, Wisniewski, Faehnle, Schuster, Stevenson
12 05Jul 6:30pm TT 40km Mary Jane 4 Whitney, Chandler, Ritter, Tierney, Effler
13 12Jul 6:30pm CC RR 6-Laps 50km Scotch Ridge 4 Main, Goetz, Wilson
14 19Jul 7:00pm RR hosted by Team Defiance ~40km Evans Port 0  
15 26Jul 6:30pm RR 5-Laps 56km Colton 5 Ritter, Chandler
16 02Aug 6:30pm Crit 30-Laps 42km OOIP 4 Crawford, Ritter, Martin 
17 09Aug 6:30pm Crit 30-Laps
42km OOIP 4 Hunter, Mossing, Peiffer, Stevenson, Armstrong
18 16Aug 6:30pm **TT 2-Laps & Club Picnic**
Otsego Park
4 J. Smith, Sobb, TierneyWhitney, Mossing, D. Smith
19 23Aug 6:30pm Crit 30-Laps 42km OOIP 4

Main, Kistler. Mossing, M. Smith, Iannone

20 30Aug 6:30pm RR 4-Laps 32km Scotch Ridge 4 K. Raffoul, L. Raffoul 
21 06Sep 6:30pm  Club Championship Crit 25-Laps 35km OOIP 4 Gwin, Wiederhold, Schuster, Crawford, J. Smith
22 13Sep 6:30pm TT 1-Lap  14.5km Otsego Park 4 Warner, D. Smith, Steele, J. Brinkman

      ** Note schedule change for the         

Club Picnic and the Surprise Race        




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