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2022 Power Ratings

In an effort to equalize the size of the race groups competing, especially on courses where all races are run concurrently, to ensure maximum racer safety and group competitiveness, a power ranking system will be used to place racers into groups. 

Power ranking for each racer uses the sum of (their season points scored in Group A races x 30, plus their season points scored in Group B races x 20, plus their season points scored in Group C races) divided by the total number of races they have competed in this season.  For example, if there are 10 racers signed up for the A race and 25 signed up for the B race, the highest 7 power ranked racers in the B race will be moved to the A race. This will result in 17 in the A race and 18 in the B race. 

Placement of racers into a  group that is different than the one they signed up for is at the discretion of the Race Director.  Being asked to move up from B to A in a given race will result in the points scored in the A race being multiplied by 1.5 and posted in the B Group results, unless the racer requests to have the A results placed in that group (without the 1.5 multiplier).

A GroupB GroupC Group
Name# RacesBest 12# RacesBest 12# RacesBest 12Power RatingTotal Races
Nelson, Jonathan611055.006
Kahle, Justin1323454.0013
Flores, Diego914949.679
Maguire, Jonas1422648.4314
Glowacki, Matt11648.001
Hughes, Jon11442.001
Smith, Josh79741.577
Zeigler, Jeremy56740.205
Dokas, Thomas12040.001
Benham, Cody56934737.638
Cook, Trey11836.001
Graham, Kevin11236.001
Restrepo, Eduardo22436.002
Arsenault, Eric67135.506
Tracey, Chris610033.336
Bober, Tim22233.002
Smith, Daniel18914531.4010
Eltschlager, Tim44030.004
Pontious, Trey23030.002
Rath, Ben22030.002
Sobb, Mark222913230.0011
Kraus, Allen11428.001
Mossing, Nick43727.754
Groves, Ben53923827.577
Leary, Brenden1927.001
Eelnurme, Mark1114726.7311
Weihe, Sarah1114726.7311
Gaswint, Levi108826.4010
Wharton, Eric67725.676
Baker, Sean1012625.2010
Carroll, Phil21533924.605
Smucker, Nat11224.001
Clapp, Phillip44623.004
Hoag, Jonathan54542821.229
Sutton, Jamie33212021.004
Holben, Tom55112020.336
Appledorn, Dan22020.002
Goins, Cameron11020.001
Salge, Jay22020.002
Sikula, Martin11020.001
Bard, Bob1554718.176
Holmes, Chris53221116.867
Arnett, Zachariah21753316.717
Clapp, Aaron32516.673
Altwies, Ed21116.502
Caillaux, Gustavo64916.336
Haviland, Scott1432616.004
Bartsch, Jonathan52615.605
McEwan, Joe53714.805
Algendy, Abdu1714.001
Mazey, Jim53514.005
Allen, Jim106513.0010
Book, Tim85213.008
Kocadede, Akin1411813.002
Holben, Parker3223512.676
Brayman, Adrian62335811.569
Morrison, Jacob84511.258
Allen, Michael41623411.006
Ollom, Timothy21111.002
Rose, Bryan31111.003
Sams, Steve161110.002
Skipworth, Kevin7318.867
Warner, Jeff4178.504
Chandler, Mike6217.006
Livingston Smith, Tyler277.002
Brinkman, Jon8215.258
Peiffer, Mike5135.205
Hoag, Jason5114.405
Kamdar, Faisal124.001
Smith, Doug124.001
Clapp, Randy112.001

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