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Sunday, 22 March 2020

11:00am at Fort Meigs in Perrysburg, OH

Due to COVIT-19, 2020 Equinox has been CANCELLED!

This event may be rescheduled for the September equinox, stay tuned.

Please Note:  As with Club races, Equinox entry is $8.  Also, as per usual for the past decade, there will be Panara bagels, coffee and other snacks at The Fort upon completion.  

The recent weather conditions seem to suggest spring has officially arrived.  With this seasonal change comes the Club's annual Equinox Reliability Trial.  This is an event that dates back further than any records I currently have.  My first participation was in 1978.  Unfortunately, I long ago surrendered to the landfill any memorabilia I had from that early event.  In past decades Equinox was a timed event, and the finishing time of each rider was recorded and then listed in the Dirty Derailleur Newsletter.  The oldest Equinox results I have are from 1989, and at that time the Club actually generated some revenue from the event.  

Click here to see the first page of those Equinox results (it's worth admiring the handwritten treasurer's report that was added to the newsletter!).  Click here to see the second page listing the results of each participant.

This year's course is a repeat of last year's slog to McClure.  Not that there are many options for variation for this ride, but riders are admonished to pay attention to road markings.  All intersections with stop signs are marked, but those intersections without stop signs, and where no turn is necessitated, are not marked.  Most of the course was marked on Tuesday, March 19th, and the remainder of the route will be done tomorrow morning, March, 22nd.  The roads are blatantly displaying the climatological and meteorlogical impacts of the overbearing winter.  All riders need to be particularly attentive to the turns, as many of the corners are strewn with an unforgiving smattering of pea-sized gravel.  That is to say, DO NOT enter the turns as if you're riding a crit!

The course traces back on the exact same route on which in unceremoniously and sheepishly wanders out.  Equinox covers the uninspiring byways of northwest Ohio's farmland in March, so the scenery is that of barren fields, and the only tactile perceptions are those of the possible wicked gales and stabbing temperatures.  As of today, Thursday, Sunday's weather prognostication is for conditions that come once every fifty years on this particular day.   It seems the forecast sides far more with a winsome Ms. Mild than a dolorous Mr. Miserable.  The suggestion is that Sunday will blossom with a high temperature of 54 degrees, and the wind will be a mere breeze at 5 - 10 mph from the southwest, which means a tailwind will grace riders for the return ride to The Fort.  As is always the case for this event, conditions can change, so come prepared for suffering and torture.  


Registration will open about 10:00am.  New for this season is the Club's ability to accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay for race fees, in addition to credit cards.  Of course, cash is always the simplest, easiest and most expedient form of payment.   Also, renew your Club membership and USAC license prior to Sunday.  Remember, Club memberships are only renewed via the web, not the antiquated paper method of times-be-gone.  

Lastly, the USAC requires completion of a paper copy of their Event Release Form.  You may find a partially pre-filled form here.  Please print the form, complete it, and then bring it with you on Sunday.  Completion of this form is required, and I have to keep these forms on file for the year.  If you have questions regarding Equinox, text, call or e-mail !

A typical marking for this year's Equinox.  This
arrow indicates continue straight ahead.
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