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(races are on TUESDAY evenings)

PLEASE NOTE: due to current conditions with the COVID-19 virus:

1) Races may be subject to postponement or cancellation, with very little advanced notice. This decision will be made by the race coordinator.

2) Please wear a mask when congregating before and after events in the parking lot and respect social distancing guidelines.

Venue information can be found here.

Each racing club member must work or direct three (3) races. Email Allen Kraus to sign up as a Race Director or Race Worker.  To be eligible for any end-of-season awards you must have at least 1 worker credit.

The distance of each race is at the discretion of the individual race director and can change at race time.

# Date Time Type/Laps Distance Venue Staff Dir./Wkrs
0 21 Mar 11:00am Equinox Reliability Trial* 86.4km Fort Meigs 2 A.Kraus/S.Main
1 27 Apr 6:30pm TT 1-Lap 14.6km Otsego Park 7 Denny Walerius/Tyler Smith, Matt Cleland, Jonathan Brinkman, Mike Daggett, Phil Carroll, Phil Clapp, Diego Flores
2 4 May 6:30pm RR A:4-Laps B/C:3-laps A: 32.7km B/C: 24.5km Scotch Ridge 5 Mike House/Jeff Crawford, Mike Chandler, Gino Coppola, Scott Main, Cory Atchison
3 11 May 6:30pm Crit A:30-Laps B/C:25-laps A: 33.3km B/C: 27.8km Owens CEP 2 Rick Nudd/Ben Groves
4 18 May 6:30pm Criterium A:25-Laps B/C:20-Laps A: 36.2km B/C: 29km OOIP 5 Jonathan Hoag/Gary Tarsha, Hal Wilson, Roseann Peiffer, Kevin Skipworth, Chris Holmes, Scott Main, Jason Mishka
5 25 May 6:30pm TT 24.8km MJT (Short Course) 7 Mark Sobb/Mike Daggett, Jim Mazey, Nick Mossing, Tim Book, Jonathan Bartsch, Steve Clark, Steve Sams, Martin Sikula
6 1 Jun 6:30pm RR A:4-Laps B/C:3-Laps A: 43km B/C: 32.5km Woodville 5 Allen Kraus/Chris Holmes, Cory Atchison, Merete Stenersen, Khalil Rafoul, Lavinia Rafoul
7 8 Jun 6:30pm Crit A:30-Laps B/C:25-Laps A: 43.5km B/C: 36.2km OOIP 5 Scott Main/Gary Tarsha, Hal Wilson, Mike Peiffer, Roseanne Peiffer, Tim Eltschlager, Caleb Wotring
8 15 Jun 6:30pm Crit A:30-Laps B/C:25-Laps A: 29.0km B/C: 24.1km Owens DP (short) 2 Phil Carroll/Chris Holmes, Jason Mishka
9 22 Jun 6:30pm TT - Club Champ 32km MJT (long) 7 Mark Sobb/Jim Mazey, Gino Coppola, Allen Kraus, Joe McEwan, Tim Book, Mike Scannell, Tim Ollom, Mike Chandler
10 29 Jun 6:30pm RR A:5-Laps B/C:4-Laps A: 40.2km B/C: 32.2km Long Judson 5 Scott Main/Nancy Lichtensteiger, Roseann Peiffer, Jim Allen, Jon Hoag
11 06 Jul 6:30pm Crit A:30-Laps B/C:25-Laps A: 43.5km B/C: 36.2km OOIP 5 Sherry Simon/Nancy Lichtensteiger, Kevin Skipworth, Kevin Graham,
12 13 Jul 6:30pm Crit A:30-Laps B/C:25-Laps A: 33.8km B/C: 28.2km A: Owens CEP B:Owens DP (long) 4 Allen Kraus/Phillip Clapp, Amy Sieniarecki, Sarah Weihe
13 20 Jul 6:30pm TT 2-Lap 29.6km Otsego Park 7 Allen Kraus/Jonathan Brinkman, Joe McEwan, Sean Baker, Parker Holben, Mike Scannell, Trevor Sweigert, Denny Noward
14 27 Jul 6:30pm RR A:6-Laps B/C:5-Laps A: 48.3km B/C: 40.2km Long Judson 6 Allen Kraus/Sherry Simon, Mike Chandler, Doug Smith,
15 3 Aug 6:30pm Omnium Club Champ Variable Toledo Speedway 3 Allen Kraus/Jim Allen, Phillip Clapp, Tim Eltschlager
16 10 Aug 6:30pm RR A:7-Laps B/C:6-Laps Club Champ A: 56.3km B/C: 48.3km Scotch Ridge 5 Allen Kraus/Mike Pieffer, Phillip Clapp,
17 17 Aug 6:30pm Crit A:35-Laps B/C:30-Laps Club Champ A: 50.7km B/C: 43.5km OOIP 5 Allen Kraus/Gary Tarsha, Steve Clark, Steve Sams, Kevin Skipworth, Dave Teall
18 24 Aug 6:30pm RR A:3-Laps B/C:2-Laps A: 31.2km B/C: 21.4km Woodville 5 Allen Kraus/Sherry Simon, Jonas Maguire, Diego Flores, John Safian, Mike Ianonne
19 31 Aug 6:30pm Crit A:30-Laps B/C:30-Laps A: 33.8km B/C: 33.3km A: Owens DP (Long) B:Owens CEP) 4 Allen Kraus/Todd Anderson, Sarah Weihe
20 7 Sept 6:30pm TT 1-Lap 14.6km Otsego Park 7 Allen Kraus/Matt Cleland, Phil Carroll, Jim Mazey, Joe McEwan, Parker Holben, Mike Scannell

* this event will NOT be included in the clubs standings, but workers will still earn worker points

** in the event the CC TT is cancelled due to weather, this crit will be replaced by the CC TT

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